This task shall be responsible for the overall management of the project, which encompasses deadline enforcement and making sure that the goals of the project are met within the granted budget. Task 1 involves three main phases:

Phase 1: Administrative Project Management

This phase will assure the day-to-day management according to the management principles and structures. The scope of this phase is the administrative part of the project management. This includes e.g. communication between all members of the research team and distribution of relevant information to the project, keeping accounts and distribution of funds to the project participants, evaluation of technical work progress reports and preparation of resulting management reports, control of timely preparation of project results, etc.

Phase 2: Technical Project Management

This phase provides the technical project management. The main tasks are supervised according to the work plan. The technical project management ensures a proper proceeding on the projects critical path. In particular the technical project management is responsible for project decisions and reviews work in progress relative to the project schedule. It implements control procedures to track both project problems and enhancement requests. Furthermore, this phase includes co-ordination and control of the technical project activities, quality assurance of work and Deliverables, controlling preparation of project Deliverables, conflict management for technical and scientific aspects, etc.

Phase 3: Dissemination and Exploitation

This phase is in charge of proactively disseminating project information and results to a broad public audience including the scientific community and other interested organisations, other authorities and research institutions.



Year 1